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Reduce the Risk of High-Cost Hospital Claims for Your Most Vulnerable Members

National research shows that on average, 5% of your healthcare plan members generate more than 50% of your claims costs. This top five percent, your “super-users,” often suffer from costly, chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

These chronic conditions, if not closely monitored and managed often result in costly ER or hospital visits. In fact, more than 45% of “super-user” claims costs are associated with in-patient and out-patient ER/hospital visits.(1)

Reducing the risk of costly hospital and ER visits for those members with chronic conditions not only betters the health of your employees with chronic conditions, but drastically reduces your claims-related costs.

Ochsner Digital Health empowers members to track, report and proactively manage their chronic health conditions, reducing the risk of those conditions resulting in expensive hospital and ER visits.

The Connected Health Difference

Reduction in Emergency Room Visits among hypertension enrolled members
reduction in Hospital Admissions among hypertension enrolled members
REDUCTION IN Emergency Room Visits among Type 2 Diabetes enrolled members
REDUCTION IN Hospital Admissions among Type 2 Diabetes enrolled members

Nationally Recognized, Clinically Proven Program

Ochsner’s digital health technology is a nationally recognized, clinically proven program revolutionizing the way members treat chronic conditions such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. Digital Medicine helps members manage their chronic conditions from home while staying connected to a dedicated Ochsner care team, enabling them to notice and rectify risk factors BEFORE they require hospital intervention.

Ochsner Digital Medicine has a proven track record of reducing risk for your healthcare plan’s most vulnerable members:

average reduction in Type 2 diabetes risk factors
of members achieve and maintain blood pressure control after just 90 days
of members achieve and maintain blood pressure control after 365+ days

Finally, a financial risk mitigation program for you and personal health risk mitigation services for your employees powered by Ochsner Digital Medicine.

Create $4 of future savings for every $1 Invested today

This clinically proven product generates an average $3-$4:1 ROI (hypertension programs vs Type 2 diabetes programs) for employers who invest in the program, providing consistent long-term repeatable financial relief to premium-spiking health costs. And with a low 1.24% member attrition rate, those savings continue to drive down your company’s healthcare costs every year.


Investment in Hypertension Healthcare Savings


Investment in Type 2 Diabetes Healthcare Savings

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