Healthcare cost elimination just became your best financial hedging strategy.

Let us show you how you can lower operating expenses, increase EBITDA, and give your employees a great benefit all at the same time.


A profit lever where you least expected it

The General Agent provides your company with a healthcare risk elimination tool that is guaranteed to be cash-flow positive in its first 30 days. Our revolutionary cost-reduction program turns an uncontrollable, ever-increasing expense into an EBITDA-producing value-creation opportunity.

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Almost  too good to be true.

We know—it sounds too good to be true. But let us show you why it's not. A 12-minute phone call is enough to walk you through this simple strategy that flips a top-3 operating expense into a profit lever.

  • Zero change to your existing plans/policies
  • Zero rate increase, cost-shifting, or new burden for employees
  • Zero out-of-pocket expense for qualifying employees and their spouses
  • Zero net cost

Ready to learn exactly how much enterprise value YOU can add to your company? 

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